Techvocacy 2023

An exciting opportunity awaits as TECHVOCACY 2023 brings to the forefront the features of the Barangay e-System & Tools (BeST), offering interested individuals a chance to experience this free-to-use ICT solution firsthand. Visitors can register at the booth and take charge of the digital transformation for their barangay.

From August 15 to 31, 2023, the Northwing Atrium of SM City Cebu will be abuzz with the TECHVOCACY 2023 exhibit, providing a platform for showcasing innovative technologies that drive digital empowerment. Among the highlights of the exhibition is the BeST system, designed to revolutionize local governance and empower barangays through digital transformation.

The BeST booth offers visitors a hands-on experience of the system's features, enabling them to explore its capabilities and understand how it can enhance transparency, efficiency, and service delivery at the barangay level. By registering at the booth, individuals can become active participants in the digital revolution, taking the first step towards transforming their barangays through technology.

The BeST system, a free-to-use ICT solution, has been developed to streamline communication, simplify data management, and improve public service delivery. It empowers barangay officials and community leaders to leverage technology for efficient administration and citizen-centric governance.

TECHVOCACY 2023 serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and promoting the use of technology for social progress. The exhibit provides an opportunity for visitors to engage with industry experts, explore cutting-edge solutions, and gain insights into the potential of digital transformation.