Central Visayas Information Sharing Network Foundation, Inc.

The Central Visayas Information Sharing Network Foundation, Inc. (CVISNET) is a pioneering effort by the government and private sectors to harness Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with productivity and business enhancement solutions.

For the past 25 years we have served the public and private sectors by providing ICT services ranging from basic web presence and internet connection to disaster communications and e-governance for local government units.

Our efforts have been recognized and awarded internationally by the United Nations - International Telecommunications Union and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Digital Opportunity Center; and our partners including Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. of Japan.

We would like to share and further expand the benefits and leverage the solutions we have started to our members.

Why Choose Us

The Central Visayas Information Sharing Network (CVISNET) Foundation, Inc. was started in 1997 as an e-government initiative funded by the Department of Science and Technology Region 7 and jointly collaborated by the Regional Development Council Region 7, Government Organization for Information Technology Region VII (GO-IT 7) and the Confederation of Scientific and Professional Organization (COSPO-7).

The project was established in support for Administrative Order 332 "Directing all government agencies and instrumentalities including local government units to undertake electronic interconnection through the Internet to be known as the Philippine Web (PWEB)".

On May 9, 2000, the CVISNET evolved into a non-stock, non-profit foundation registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission under SEC Registration No. C200000454.

We see CVISNet promoting Central Visayas to investors as we help the government in developing fast services to the public. We also see the CVISNet as the government hub and showcase of the Information and Communication Technology in the Philippines.

1. To facilitate information and integration sharing among our members from the government, non-government organizations and the professionals;

2. To assist, offer and provide services to the government in relation to their information technology needs and;

3. To encourage government units and agencies in Central Visayas to go into e-Governance / e-Commerce.

To establish a One-Stop-Shop Information and Internet Portal for government, non-government agencies and business organizations in Central Visayas.

1. Assist the government in the area of Information literacy among the employees and schools;

2. Interconnecting the government agencies in the region through the internet;

3. Propagating the use of I.C.T. in government;

4. Lead in the incubation of new I.C.T. technology;

5. Continuously upgrading our system;

6. Developing of standards for government data