The Barangay e-Systems and Tools (BeST) is a project initiated by the Central Visayas Information Sharing Network Foundation Inc., (CVISNET) in order to provide the community with a complete easy solutions for planning, monitoring and document generation for the barangay. These include a computerized record keeping system that manages the residents information, judicial information and permit generation in the barangay.

BeST allows integration of the barangay data accessible at the municipal level.

Disaster Recovery Management Solutions – typhoons and earthquakes often destroy infrastructure and disrupt ICT services. CVISNET provides services that empower government units to fast track the restoration of the affected services.

CVISNET partners with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation - Japan for the MDRU Disaster Recovery Management Solution and Services. Additional information for the MDRU Project can be found at

CVISNET provides several ICT solutions and services. These include securing web hosting facilities. CVISNET also partners with commercial Internet providers to deliver basic connectivity and value-added services such as data and connection security and backup.

Currently, CVISNET provides Internet and data connectivity to more than 20 partners/clients. Connectivity products include Broadband, DSL and Wireless (including WiMax).

CVISNET operates the OSCS Laboratory and provides an open laboratory to students and IT enthusiasts to learn and develop Open Source technology. DOST Scholars are often invited to the OSCS Laboratory.