Central Visayas Network of NGOs, 17th General Assembly

CVISNET Spearheads Digital Transformation Efforts, Expands Networks CVISNET, is making significant strides in expanding its network and driving digital transformation initiatives. The company recently had the privilege of participating in the 17th general assembly of the Central Visayas Network of NGOs, thanks to the invitation extended by RAFI - Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. and AFOS Foundation - Philippines. This platform allowed CVISNET to share its innovative initiatives and inspire others to embrace the power of technology, particularly through the use of a robust Monitoring and Evaluation System (M&E).

Collaborating with the Central Visayas Network of NGOs has provided CVISNET with a valuable opportunity to connect with like-minded organizations and individuals who are passionate about digital transformation. By leveraging the collective strengths and expertise within the network, CVISNET aims to create a ripple effect that will bring about positive change and growth in the services it provides.

RAFI - Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc., a renowned philanthropic organization committed to driving sustainable development, played an integral role in facilitating CVISNET's participation in the 17th general assembly. Through this collaboration, CVISNET was able to showcase its innovative solutions and emphasize the importance of digital transformation in today's ever-evolving landscape.

The AFOS Foundation - Philippines, known for its dedication to empowering communities through technology, took the lead in advocating for the adoption of a Monitoring and Evaluation System (M&E). This system enables organizations to track and assess the impact of their programs, ensuring that resources are utilized efficiently and effectively. By embracing M&E, NGOs and other entities can gain valuable insights into the outcomes of their initiatives, leading to better decision-making and improved service delivery.

CVISNET expresses its gratitude to the Central Visayas Network of NGOs, RAFI - Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc., and AFOS Foundation - Philippines for their support and collaboration. This partnership reflects CVISNET's commitment to fostering innovation and digital transformation in the region.

As CVISNET expands its networks and continues to champion digital initiatives, the company remains dedicated to empowering organizations to harness the full potential of technology. By maximizing each other's strengths and leveraging technology-driven solutions, CVISNET and its network partners strive to create a brighter future for Central Visayas and beyond.