Barangay e-System & Tools (BeST) in the Municipality of Cordova, Cebu

In a proactive move towards digital empowerment, the Municipality of Cordova is gearing up for the next steps in the implementation of the Barangay e-System & Tools (BeST). Mayor Suan, leading the call for digital transformation in public service, has been instrumental in driving this initiative.

The BeST project, aimed at modernizing and streamlining local governance, has gained significant momentum in Cordova. The system leverages technology to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of barangay-level administration, providing a platform for seamless communication, data management, and public service delivery.

Recognizing the importance of digital empowerment, Mayor Suan has championed the implementation of BeST. Under his leadership, the Municipality of Cordova is committed to embracing innovative solutions that enhance the quality of public service and improve the overall well-being of its constituents.

The recent discussion on the next steps in the implementation of BeST brought together key stakeholders, including local officials, community leaders, and technology experts. The meeting aimed to assess the progress made thus far and outline the roadmap for the continued deployment of the system. The BeST project offers a wide range of features and tools designed to facilitate seamless communication and efficient information management at the barangay level. From digitizing records to automating processes, the system aims to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of local governance.