MDRU Best Practices Highlight in UN ConferenceImplementation for Barangay e-System & Tools (BeST) in the Municipality of Cordova Cebu

In the UN World Conference held in Sendai Japan, Executive Director Jeffrey N. Llanto presented the initial progress of the "Movable & Deployable ICT Resource Unit (MDRU)" project pilotted in Cebu, Philippines. His presentation discussed the findings of the MDRU and the benefits of the Unit in the Philippines and to other possible developing nations.

The event was a great highlight of the project, as the teams were able to showcase the MDRU to government agencies and private firms around the world, on the importance of data telecommunication services, during and after a disaster situation to help mitigate risk.

The MDRU from the Philippines where also invited to visit the NICT (National Institute of Information, Communication and Technology). Showcasing key technologies that NICT is researching and developing to help with risk reduction across Japan with the MDRU project being one of the key project.