• Cebu Province MDRU Field Testing and Training

  • APIS 1st Steering Committee Meeting, November 1-2, 2017, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • LACS in Cordova, Cebu City

  • BeST Training for the Barangays of San Remigio, Cordova, & Bayawan

  • Ms. Ramita Sharma meeting with San Remigio Mayor Mariano Martinez together with CVISNET President Roberto Cabarrubias on the feasibility of the MDRU project.

  • Nepal MDRU Field Testing and Training

  • MDRU Project Grand Launching & Turnover Ceremonies

  • The MDRU Team joins UN World Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Japan

  • CVISNET participates in APEC 2015 SPSG: Workshop on ICT for DRRM

Cebu Conducts Field Testing and Training on Resilient Locally Accessible Cloud System

The Municipality of Cordova following the October 2019 testing on the Movable and Deployable ICT Resource Unit (MDRU) had a follow-up activity using the latest Internet cloud technology.

With its technology partner the Advanced Telecommunication Research Institute, International of Kyoto, Japan (ATR) and CVISNET Foundation Inc.; Mayor Mary Therese S. Cho, Japan visiting guest Toshikazu Sakano of ATR and CVISNET field tested the Locally Accessible Cloud System (LACS) simulating disaster and non-disaster scenarios.

The LACS was accessed for possible uses during disaster, including disaster assessment and reporting, locating and identification of missing persons, possible business continuance using ICT. LACS was also accessed for possible health and educational uses.

The activity was attended by 41 participants; composed of students from the Cordova Public College, community leaders and residents of Barangay Poblacion and staff representatives of the municipal office. To simplify the event, the participants was divided; day 1 for the students and day 2 for the community residents.

A half day technical training was conducted by ATR Toshikazu Sakano to brief the participants on the LACS equipment.

For Disaster Management Simulation, the participants experienced the LACS to make Disaster Assessment and finding Missing Persons. An public message was broadcasted informing the participants / emergency responsers of a particular activity, in this was to identify a location and take pictures. This will be relayed to the Command and Control Center to advise the Mayor of the situation.

Later in the afternoon, while the food for the participants was given, the distribution process was recorded with a Point of Sale System installed in LACS.

The students experienced using LACS for schools. An educational material was previously uploaded to the LACS server. The students were asked to download the material and make a report which was uploaded to the bulletin board.

The community residents experienced using LACS for health. A sick person was interviewed by the Municipal Representative remotely and gave advise on what to do.

As a result, all the participants found that LACS is a very important tool during disaster and it can also be used during normal e.g. for health and education uses.

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The International Telecommunications Union of the United Nations visited the MDRU project site in the Municipality of San Remigio, Cebu Province.
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